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  • A sense of community!
    A community is a group of people, a body of persons having common characteristics, history, social, economic and political interests, usually living together. For any development to take effect, there is need for mutual participation from individuals, involving themselves, theirContinue reading “A sense of community!”
  • “Wetland Action for People and Nature.”
    This year, the world celebrated World Wetlands Day under the theme, “Wetland Action for People and Nature.” This was the first time it was observed as a United Nations international day since 1997, following its adoption by the General Assembly on 30 August 2021.
  • Manyame Conservation Trust. Who are we?
    Manyame Conservation Trust is a registered Community Based Organisation whose mission is to advocate for the preservation of water sources through community participation in rehabilitation and maintenance of local environmental aspects that support the climate and ecosystems in Manyame Catchment Area.

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